Tuition & Costs

Class tuition is shown once you sign-up and before you register for classes. There is absolutely NO registration fee to set up an account and view classes/class prices.

Our season runs from Mid-September through Mid-May.  The tuition rate is for the entire season (9 months).  It is not based on the number of classes during a month, but on the entire duration of our season. Tuition is due the 1st of each month. If you are enrolled in Auto-Pay, class fees are automatically deducted from your credit card on file on the 10th of the month, beginning September 12th, 2022.

Payments can be made via your parent portal account on dancestudio-pro or cash/check to the studio secretaries.

Sibling Discounts:

This will be adjusted by the studio secretary. Please let them know.

Sibling Discounts

Non-Competitive Students

First Child (Oldest/ Highest Priced Class) – Regular Price

Second Sibling – 20% off of Class Tuition

Third and Fourth Sibling 25% off of Class Tuition

Once discounts are taken, add all together and this will be total monthly tuition for your family.


Jane Doe (Age 8) Class Price $65/Month

Jill Doe (Age 5) Class Price $45/Month

John Doe (Age 3) Class Price $35/Month


Jane - $65

Jill - $45 - 20% = $36

John - $35 – 25% = $26.25

$65 + $36 + $26.25 = $127.25/month


Add-On Classes:

If your dancer(s) would like to take additional classes outside of their combo class (Classes such as hip-hop and tap or another combo class) Add-on class prices are as follows:

30 minute class add-on - $20 per dancer

45 minute class add-on - $35 per dancer

60 minute class add-on - $40 per dancer



Single Dancer Add-Ons:

Jill Doe (Age 5) Class Price $45/Month + 45 Minute Add-on @ $35/Month = $80/Month


Family Add-Ons:

Sibling 1 - Jane Doe (Age 8) Class Price $65/Month + 30 Minute Add-on @ $20/Month

Sibling 2 - Jill Doe (Age 5) (Class Price $45/Month – 20% Discount) + 45 Minute Add-on @ $35/Month

Sibling 3 - John Doe (Age 3)( Class Price $35/Month – 25% Discount) + 60 Minute Add-on @ $40/Month



Jane - $65 + $20 = $85

Jill - $45 - 20% = $36 +35 = $71

John - $35 – 25% = $26.25 + $40 = $66.25

$85 + $71 + $66.25 = $222.25/Month

Once discounts are taken and add-ons added, add all together and this will be total monthly tuition for your family.



Competitive Dancers Sibling Discounts

Competitive Dancers do not get sibling discounts. If sibling(s) are not competitive then discounts apply only to non-competitive sibling(s).


If in doubt, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or via Facebook Messenger Gel’s Dance Centre LLC.


We hold several fundraisers throughout the year to help students with costs.

Funds raised go to your studio account and can be used for tuition, competitive fees, shoes, accessories, etc.

Becoming a Gel's dancer is a dream come true. The staff are dedicated to the dancers & their program is phenomenal

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