Spring Recital

Every year, we hold a spring recital in Mid-Late May. This year will be May 20th at Marietta High School Auditorium. Times are TBD.

All Classes except for technique classes are showcased in the recital. Recital is not required, but recommended so that you are able to see what your dancers have been working on all year!

We start ordering recital costumes in December to ensure a timely arrival for recital. It takes a while for the costume companies to process such large orders.

We hold recital rehearsals the week before or the week of recital either at the studio or at the venue.

Our recitals are typically held at Marietta High School Auditorium and are broken into two or three shows in one or two days. Tickets go on sale the week of recital rehearsal.

Recital Pictures are typically held the a week or two before recital or at rehearsal. 

Students will need their costumes(ordered in December) and the proper shoes for their class! Hair can be in a bun or ponytail as long as it is pulled back out of their faces.

We usually recommend light makeup to help with the stage lights washing out the students faces. This is only optional.

When & Where?

Spring Recital is held around the middle or end of May and is held on a Saturday. It typically consists of two shows in one day: a show for the younger students and a show for the older students. Historically, the shows have been held in the Marietta High School auditorium (This is not set in stone).

Is Recital Mandatory?
All students who participate in classes at Gel’s Dance Centre are encouraged to participate in the spring recital; however, it is not mandatory.


Recital Costumes are ordered and are to be paid for between the end of November and the Beginning of December so that we can ensure that we get them in time for recital. Students are measured and sized in class by their teacher.

A tumble set for students taking tumbling classes will be ordered between February and March. This set is a great keepsake and is available to students and parents who would like one, even if they are not in tumbling classes. The set includes a T-shirt and Leggings or shorts. The set will feature the 2020-2021 Recital Theme on the front and the names of all of the students participating in recital on the back.

Below are a list of classes that are required to purchase the tumble set:

Recital Ads

Recital ads for the recital program will be available to build and purchase between February and March. You will send a picture or pictures and a short bio about your dancer to be featured in the program that will be passed out at recital for free. Competitive students are required to submit at least a ¼ page ad with a bio. Businesses can advertise in the program as well and/or sponsor ads for students.

Recital Pictures

Recital pictures are held in May before recital. Picture packages will be available for groups and for individuals(unless COVID protocols do not allow for group photos). 


Rehearsal will be held at the venue or at the studio the week of recital. Students do not need to wear costumes or do hair and make-up for rehearsal. Please bring any dance shoes that will be needed for the classes the student participates in. Classes will run through their dances 1-2 times each. 


Recital Tickets will be available for purchase at rehearsal. Ticket prices will vary depending on what venue we will be able to use due to COVID restrictions. 


Students may wear their hair however they like, but it must be out of their faces (bun/ ponytail). We recommend light, stage make up (lipstick, blush) so that the students do not look washed out on stage due to the bright lights. This is not mandatory.


A videographer will be recording the whole recital. DVDs and digital downloads can be purchased at rehearsal for one or both shows. (If we are unable to get a videographer, we will allow you to record on your phones only.)

Other information

  • After the first show, everyone must exit the auditorium, even if you have purchased a wristband, and line up to re-enter. 
  • Faculty at GDC are given first dibs on seats.
  • Please do not set up video cameras that will block others from seeing or block the videographer. 
  • Flash photography is prohibited while the students are on stage to prevent distractions.
  • Flowers will be available for sale at recital. These can be given at the end of the students’ ballet number. 
  • Please try to be courteous and do not walk down the isles or stand up while students are on stage. 

Becoming a Gel's dancer is a dream come true. The staff are dedicated to the dancers & their program is phenomenal

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