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When and how can I sign my child up?


 Fall classes begin in September and we accept enrollment through December. Classes fill quickly and a waiting list may occur. It is highly recommended that new students sign up in August. Enrollment can be done by calling any of our studios or e-mailing  gelsdancers@aol.com

Do you charge an enrollment fee?


Many studios charge a fee for paperwork and setting the students up for their classes, we do not.

How young do you take students?

We will accept students starting at age 2 1/2 on an individual basis. This can be dependent on several factors. Students are considered ready when they can participate in class and listen to the instructor without having anxiety about leaving mommy.  We find sometimes many are ready at 2 or 3 and some may want to wait till age 4. We will make several attempts with each student as many are simply nervous. However, if a student still shows anxiety after a few attempts it might better to wait till the next session starts.

 When is your recital and is it mandatory we do it?


Our recitals take place each May. Participation is not mandatory but highly encouraged. Most of our students do the performance, and we find that it is a huge reward and confidence booster for all that participate.

 I have heard so much about your competitive teams. Do you offer classes for the student just wanting fun?


We are considered a competitive studio. Although we have many students taking classes for fun & social benefits. Some are wanting to audition for High school dance teams and brush up on basic moves. Dance is also great for a cheerleader and provides exceptional coordination for the athlete. Our recreational program is also wonderful for development in pre-school and school age children alike.

Are all studios the same?


No. When we talk to anyone we suggest attending the recitals of the dance school you are interested in. Doing this shows exactly what the studio teaches and what you can expect your child to learn. Dance schools are a business but remember you are investing on your child's dance education. As in all businesses, " You get what you pay for " comes to mind.

What is your cancellation policy?

If a parent or child should decide to no longer take classes at the studio, an e-mail or phone call must be made to the location the student is enrolled. This is a courtesy to the studio as there maybe a waiting list. There are NO REFUNDS!!! However, depending on the circumstance we may issue you a credit at the studio for future dance classes.

Can I order all my shoes and clothing at the studio?

You sure can!! Please see your studio secretary to help you with orders. 

If I miss class ,can i make up at another location?

Absolutely!!!!  In fact we encourage you to take advantage of our other locations. We have Gel's Dance Centres located in Vienna, WV and  Marietta, OH.  You can also make up classes at our Affliate studio " Michele's One Step Up Studio" In St Mary's.

Do you have try-outs for your teams?

No. Every March we invite new members to our teams. We find trying out at a young age can be extremely harmful to the students confidence, especially if they do not make their desired team.  If a student shows potential and is willing to work, there is a team available for nearly everyone. We have competitive teams that practice only twice a month and then we have the more intense students practicing several hours per week . Our beginner  program can provide a competitive outlook for students without countless hours in the studio and hundreds of dollars in competitive fees.

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Becoming a Gel's dancer is a dream come true. The staff are dedicated to the dancers & their program is phenomenal

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