Legacy Dance Competition- 2018



I Wanna Go (Mini Elite): “Sass for Days Award”, Platinum, 1st overall Petite Level 1 large Group
Just Like Momma Said: Platinum, 1st overall Petite Level 1 Small group
Gangsta Party (Jr Elite): Platinum, 1st overall
Lost it to Trying (Teen Elite): Platinum, 1st overall
Legends (Jr Xtreme): “Fierce Focus Award”, Platinum, 3rd Overall Junior Large Group Level 3
Swish Swish: Elite Gold, 8th Overall Small group Level 2
Finding Hope: Platinum, 2nd Overall Small group Level 3

Aspyn/Brealyn: “Energizer Bunny Award”, Platinum, 1st Overall Mini Level Duet/Trio

Mini Novice
Adrienne K: Platinum, 1st Overall Mini Level 1
Sophia T: “Too Cute Award”, Platinum, Mini Level 1 2nd overall
Audrey W: Platinum, 3rd Overall Mini Level 1

Mini Competitive
Aerianna N: Platinum, 2nd overall, Mini Level 2  Mini Miss Legacy 2018

Petite Novice
Reagan Vuksic: Platinum, 2nd overall petite Level 1

Junior Intermediate
Izzy Z: Elite Gold, 10th Overall Junior Level 2
Kadie A: Elite Gold Junior Level 2
Lilly T: Platinum, 4th Overall Junior Level 2
Isabel B: Platinum, 9th Overall Junior Level 2
Molly M: (tap): Platinum 6th overall; (jazz): Platinum Junior Level 2
Ella S: Platinum, 7th Overall Junior Level 2

Light that Never Fails: “Effortless Award”, Dance Dreams Scholarship, Platinum, 1st overall large Group
Dreamer: Platinum, 4th overall
Markala/Izzy/Ella: Platinum, 4th Overall Level 2
Isabel/Lilly: “True Connection Award”, Platinum, 1st Overall Level 2 Duet/Trio
Grace T: Platinum, 3rd Overall Teen Level 1
Ashley S: Elite Gold, 10th Overall Teen Level 2
Macie W: Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Level 2

Gwen N: Platinum, 3rd Overall Petite Level 2
Kiara G: Platinum, 5th Overall Petite Level 2
Keatyn H: Platinum, 6th Overall Petite Level 2
Ava K: “Sass for Days Award”, Elite Gold, 8th Overall Petite Level 2

Clara T: Platinum, 3rd Overall Junior Level 1

Lexi W: Platinum, 4th overall Junior Level 3

Lexi/Sofia: Platinum, 2nd Overall Duet/Trio Level 3

Hammer time: “Hip Hop Madness Award”, Platinum, 2nd overall

Sydney G: Platinum, 3rd overall Teen Level 2
Lydia S: Platinum, 4th Overall Teen Level 2
Taylor G: Platinum, 6th Overall Teen Level 2
Ally M: Platinum, 8th Overall Teen Level 2
Cooper H: Elite Gold Teen Level 2

Sofia S: (Contemporary): Platinum, 1st overall, Advanced Level 3
1st runner up Teen Miss Legacy!!!
Lyrical.. Level 3 Platinum, National Invite to perform at the Opening Show of Legacy Nationals, NYCDA Scholarship winner