Star Talent Results 2017 Charleston, WV

Star Talent Results 2017 Charleston, WV

12& Under Overall High Score Solo/Duet/Trio- Find a Way

12& Under Overall High School Group- Knocking on Heaven’s Door

13& Under Overall High Score Solo/Duet/Trio-Heart Cry

Choreography Award-Hear Me Now


Mini Excel Solo

1st place, Platinum- B.E.A.T


Petite Excel Solo

2nd place, Platinum- Cold Hearted Snake

5th place, Platinum-Girlz

8th place, Platinum-Part of Your World

14th place, High Gold-Cha Cha Heels


Petite Extreme Solo

2nd place, Platinum-Island


Junior Excel Solo

4th place, Platinum-That Chic

13th place, High Gold-Human


Junior Extreme Solo

3rd place, Platinum-Investment

5th place, Platinum-I Found

6th place, Platinum-Let Me Think About It

8th place, Platinum-Animal


Junior Elite Solo

1st place, High Platinum-Find a Way


Petite Extreme Duet/Trio

3rd place, Platinum-Radar


Junior Extreme Duet/Trio

2nd place, Platinum-Full of Grace


Junior Elite Duet/Trio

1st place, High Platinum-Hold Me Down


Junior Extreme Small Group

1st place, Platinum- Latin Groove


Mini Excel Large Group

2nd place, High Gold-Flintstones


Petite Excel Large Group

1st place, Platinum-Don’t Take My Fire


Junior Elite Large Group

1st place, Platinum-Knocking On Heaven’s Door


Petite Excel Line

1st place, Platinum-Starting Something


Junior Elite Line

1st place, Platinum-Hear Me Now


12 and Under Production

1st place, High Platinum-Move

3rd place, Platinum- Shake


Senior Extreme Small Group

1st place, Platinum-You Ruin Me


Teen Extreme Large Group

2nd place, High Platinum-Rib Cage

5th place, Platinum-Nothing


Teen Extreme Solo

1st place, Platinum-Don’t Forget About Me

8th place, Platinum-Firestone

12th place, Platinum-Karma

13th place, Platinum-Castle


Teen Elite Solo

1st place, High Platinum- Heart Cry

2nd place, High Platinum-Skin


Senior Extreme Solo

1st place, High Platinum-Strength

2nd place, Platinum-Rise Up

4th place, Platinum-Can’t Help


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