Legacy 2017 Results!!

Great Job Kids .We are so proud of you !!!

Legacy Dance Championships Results
Teen Solos Level 2 ( 26 entries )
Ally Mack Elite Gold
Taylor Goeglein Elite Gold
Lydia Steyn Platinum
Sydney Gammon Platinum 4th place Overall

Petite Solo Level 3
Lexi Wynn Platinum 1st Place Overall and Miss Petite Legacy

Teen solos Advanced Level (29 entries)

Sofia Strobl (Skin) Platinum 2nd place overall
(Heartcry) ) Platinum Miss Teen Legacy 2017 and Awarded Broadway Scholarship and Nationals

Mini Solos Level 1. (13 entries)

Ava Kiger Platinum 3rd place Overall
Aerianna Nicolai. Platinum 2nd Place Overall
Keatyn Haynes Platinum 1st Place Mini Soloist !!!

Petite Solos Level 1 ( 12 entries)

Sydney Robinson Elite Gold 7th Overall
Kiara Groves Platinum 6th place Overall

Junior Level 1 (7 entries )
Clara Tatalovich. Elite Gold 3rd Place Overall

Junior Soloists Level 2
Cooper Hamilton Elite Gold
Isabel Bhati Platinum 8th Place Overall
Ella Steyn Platinum 7th Place Overall
Lilly Thatcher Platinum 2nd Place Overall

Mini Line Level 1
Mini Elite Platinum 1st place Overall

Mini Novice Group
Mini Ts ( Honey Bees ) Platinum 2nd Place Overall

Petite Productions
Junior Jazz Platinum 1st Place Overall
Junior Jazz Elite Platinum 2nd Place Overall

Junior Duet /Trio Level 2
Radar Platinum 3rd Place Overall

Junior Small Group Level 1
Latin Groove Platinum 7th Place Overall

Petite Solos Level 2 (10 entries)
Izzy Zide Platinum 8th Place Overall
Kadie Anderson Platinum 7th Place Overall
Molly Mack Platinum 2nd Place Overall

Junior Large Groups Level 2
Junior Xtreme Platinum 1st Place Overall (12 entries)
Junior Large Group Level 2
Teen Elite Platinum 1st Place Overall!!!

Senior Production Level 2
Hip Hop Platinum 2nd Place Overall

Junior Duet/Trio Level 2
Lilly /Isabel Platinum 4th Place Overall

Junior Duet /Trio Level 3
Sofia /Lexi Platinum 1st Place Overall

Senior Large Groups Level 2
Senior Jazz Platinum 1st Place Overall

Senior Lines Level 2
Senior Elite Platinum 6th Place Overall

Senior Small Group Level 2
Xtreme Platinum 4th Place Overall

Senior Solos Level 2 ( 24 entries)
Ava Asbury Elite Gold
Macie Westrick Platinum 3rd Overall
Sydney Beavers Platinum 1st Place Overall Senior Soloist !!!!!


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