Liability Waiver


Click the link above to open the attached Liability Waiver. Please read, print and sign the waiver BEFORE entering the studio. Any student without a signed waiver will not be permitted to enter the studio until it is signed and turned in.


**IMPORTANT: Please read thoroughly!

We will return to the studios the week of June 8th. Class times may have been moved around to abide with the 6 ft social distance rule !  Please be patient with our our studio and faculty as we come back into our studio with this “ New Normal “ for now

WHEN WE RETURN, here are things to be in place, until further notice.
YOUR WAIVER MUST BE PRINTED, SIGNED AND TURNED IN WHEN WALKING INTO THE STUDIO ON STUDENTS RETURN. Anyone not having a waiver signed and handed to us will be denied entry of our studios. Please do not leave the studio parking lot until your child’s temperature has been checked and allowed to enter the studio

1. If a child has a 99.9 fever or above DO NOT send them to dance class, we will be doing temperature checks at the door

2. If anyone in your household is sick or has a fever for 24 hours or less, the dancer does not need to come to dance, but please message us

3. NO SHARING ANYTHING! If you want to send water bottles please bring your own with the child’s name clearly marked on it

4. Dancers must wash their hands before coming to class and we will sanitize their hands coming in and leaving.

5.If a child sneezes in class, we will use hand sanitizer on their hands and/or send them to wash their hands.

6.The Lobby will be closed to parents for at least 4 weeks. We ask that parents to drop off/pick up in front of the studio
For younger children parents may walk them to the front door we will be bringing them out the side entrances when they leave in the Vienna location and out the back entrances in Marietta they will be accompanied by a teacher until all children are picked up
Students cannot come early and please be prompt picking them up

7.Each child will remain in their own dance space. We have already marked 6 feet distances and hula hoops for the young ones on the floor and the mat

8.Come to class dressed, because there will be no changing clothes at the studio.

9.Make sure everyone uses the bathroom before coming to the studio, it will be closed to non-students if the students needs to use the bathroom our staff will sanitize after each use
10.If your child has an weakened immune system please wait on coming back  to classes and just let us know when you think you will be returning
11.If you are making tuition payments, please put it in an envelope and mark it with the child’s name or the best way is to simply pay online . May tuition was charged June is not . Please pay the balance on your account
12.We will be wiping down the studio each night after classes we will have our pure space machines running constantly so the air in the studios are being disinfected safety while students are there  . For more information on those please log onto
13.Paws cannot be used at this time . Please wear ballet shoes or socks only ! 
14.The staff will be wearing masks to work daily.  If you choose to have your student wear one that is fine with us.
PLEASE REMEMBER: If you answer yes to any of these questions for the safety of others please wait to join us at a later date.
Have you had a fever?
Have you had a cough?
Have you lost your sense of smell and/or taste?
Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 within the past 14 days?


Thank you for your continued support of our studio !  We can’t wait to see you all and get back to dance !
GDC staff

Becoming a Gel's dancer is a dream come true. The staff are dedicated to the dancers & their program is phenomenal

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